Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting and Storage in your Apartment Building Galaxy North Avenue 2

With water shortage becoming an increasingly prevalent problem in parts of North India, construction projects such as the Galaxy North Avenue 2 Noida Extension are incorporating innovative rain water harvesting and storage facilities into their plans. Here are a few benefits of implementing these systems –

  • Optimize Energy Resources

Rainwater harvesting allows residents to effectively utilize energy resources. Since drinking water is not easily renewable, this helps in the reduction of wastage. The overall installation and running of this system is a lot easier than that of pumping and purifying systems.

  • Reduced Water Bills

These systems can be used for various other non-drinking functions as well. By using this method for daily cleaning, washing and cooking purposes, apartment buildings are able to smoothly operate without depleting nearby water sources. Furthermore this also prevents soil erosion.

  • Ideal for Irrigation

In complexes such as Galaxy North Avenue 2 rain water harvesting provides significant water resources for irrigation and maintenance of lawns and other natural elements around the complex. The apartment rooftops can work as a catchment area that can be linked with the complex’s harvesting system. Since rainwater is free from many chemicals that are found in ground water, they prove to be a healthier alternative for irrigation.

Finally, with reduced demand on ground water, your apartment complex could create a self-sustainable living environment that doesn’t have to rely on local utility providers for water supply. By making rainwater harvesting an active part of the Galaxy North Avenue 2 price list buyers of such properties are doing their bit for planet earth.